Meet new people on Snapchat with Wave

Wave is an app that lets you discover and meet new friends on Snapchat. Start swiping and make new friends today!

* Available on iPhone and Android devices
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Snap with people from around the world

  • Swipe on people you like and request their Snapchat Username so you can add them.

  • Get notified when someone requests your Snapchat username. Your username stays private unless you decide to reveal it.

  • Search worldwide or by specific countries to get new fans from around the world.

  • Customize your profile.

How Wave Works?

Wave lets you discover new friends to add on Snapchat and become Snap Friends with.

Install the App

Download Wave from the Apple App Store or Google Play

Create a Wave Account

Create a Wave account and setup your profile.

Start Swiping!

Start swiping and get new Snapchat friends.


Get Wave Today!

Download the app and start meeting new people on Snapchat.

* Available on iPhone and Android devices